Our Approach

NextPre-primary caters to curious early-stage learners and are based on play and hands-on-learning to help them evolve an environment that is conducive to sociality, provides linguistic richness, and engages children mentally and physically. Choose from a wide range of books that focus on concepts of language, maths, general awareness, stories and rhymes, and the arts.

WonderMath eliminates the fear associated with Maths and ensures the learner’s enjoyment and eagerness to explore the subject. It is also aimed at reducing the abstractness of mathematical concepts with the integration of real-life scenarios to make them more relatable.Wonder Math uses a story-based pedagogy to make learning fun and relatable.

Prime English
Prime English is designed to help learners develop their language skills and thinking abilities to become adept at using English for their day-to-day communication as well as academic needs. The books in this series are interesting, engaging and accessible to learners of any level.

English Grammar
English Grammar helps learners achieve competence in their use of the English language through a structured teaching of age-appropriate grammar. It caters to the need for learning grammar in a step-by-step method to achieve accuracy in the use of English as well as for developing the ability to write well.

Next IT Skills focuses on making students IT fluent with an emphasis on 21-st century skills, such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. These skills help them thrive in a technology-driven world.

General Knowledge
It focuses on inculcating in children an awareness of the world around them and beyond.

Value Education & Next Life Skills
It aims to instill basic values and develop life skills in students ensuring holistic development and lifelong competency.

Artverse aims to develop creativity and imagination in young children and hopes to facilitate self-expression through art.

Creating Engaging Experiences Through Hands-on Learning

Science Kit

Science Kit help learners experience and apply science concepts through activities to provide an engaging experience for all kinds of learners. Android-based applications with instructional videos and National Curriculum Framework (NCF) guidelines recommended hands-on activities help in facilitating experiential learning for children.

Augmented Reality Cards

Designed for pre-primary students, it gives them exposure to real-life scenarios at home. It provides them the opportunity to play and enhances their creativity and imagination.


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